Thursday, April 3, 2014

Choose Happy Mini Album

Hiya there all!
I have been down with a sinus infection for a few but
wanted to post this recent album I created.
After about two hours in the ER I
walked out with four prescriptions.
I a tad bit drowsy after taking one of them which
I really don't like but it helps with pain.
I opted for a muscle relaxer instead of
the other types of pain meds they have out there.
I just can't stand the way they make me feel.
Anywho, I am also taking an antibiotic for
the infection. That's a must!
I will be down for a few days so had to get this one in now.

This is my take on Because I'm Happy but instead
it's Choose Happy.
It is not always the easiest thing to do but
I am working on it day by day.
There is so much to be happy for really!
Just grateful!
I hope you enjoy!

As you may know I just
recently starting playing with watercolor.
I LOVE learning how to work with it.
This time around I just used a spatter technique thoughout
the album. It was so much fun.
I just wanted that carefree yaaaaay feel to it.
I also used the watercolor for all
the Heidi Swapp color magic resist elements!

I know you may be wondering isn't
this particular Heidi Swapp album bigger than this?!
Why yes it is but I took it all apart,
cut it in half,
and then put it back together again.
Now I have an extra mini album to create with later! :)

I waste nothing!
The butterfly on this page is actually the backing off
one of the sticker butterflies.

Well, again I do hope you enjoyed!
Now it's time for me to go lay it down.
Be blessed everyone!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ruby-Rock-It Read All About It!!!

Happy 1st of April everyone!
I am so thrilled to be sharing this news for the morning!
I am now apart of the Ruby-Rock-It Design Team!
Please stop by the blog to welcome the rest of
these amazing ladies I will be creating with.
Can't wait to get started!

Be blessed!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Testing the Waters

This year I vowed to myself that
I would attempt more mixed media and
to my surprise I am actually keeping it.
There has been such a
strong pull to get back to my first love in art.
My comfort zone for sure is black and white
pencil. I can work that fairly well but
when it comes to paint/color it
is way on the other spectrum of my skill.
I want to change that.
These couple of paintingsa are 
apart of my journey getting there.

I knew that I wanted to start off with the eye.
Crazy right?!
One of the most complex features but
I just couldn't help it. 
The eyes are my favorite.
This is a mix of watercolor, pen, and
color pencil.

Yesterday, someone
posted this poster on Facebook and
I knew instantly that it would be my second attempt.
Not perfect but I am satisfied for now with it.

There is such joy in drawing again and
stepping a bit out of my comfort zone.
Watercolor is gorgeous and
I plan to make it proud.

That's all for now!
Be Blessed!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Always Room for Love!

I am back again everyone!
Today I am still spreading love all
around with two delightful pages using

Everyday is a day to celebrate how
dear our loved ones are to us.
My little ones and hubby really
are the heart of my life.

and he is my crush everyday all day!
Don't let that grumpy face fool you!
He is such a gentle soul.

I posted a tutorial in an
ealier post on how to create the paper
lace that is featured on this page.
I only used three basic shapes to create it.
What a blast that was!

Please do not hesitate to stop
by the Webster's Pages blog for more
inspiration from the fantastic team.

Catch you all later and
be blessed!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chic Natural with Prima Marketing's BAP

Hiya there,
I am back to share a project based on
Every once in a while I get to enjoy creating a project all
my own and enter a challenge all at the same time.

I have been rockin the natural for a year this
My little ones will ask me from time to time when
am I going to go straight again.
I honestly don't know whether I will again.
Time will tell.

I got a chance to play around with
water color, stamps, sprays, and just getting my hands dirty.
I knew for this year that I just had to do more mixed media.
There is something about it that gives you more
freedom to create.

I am so into the yellows right now and have
been for quite some time.
I just can't seem to kick it.
Loved the sketch and what
my outcome was of it!

Thanks Prima as always for the inspiration and
thank you for stopping in!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Webster's Pages Snip-its!

Hi all! 
Just poppin in to share a few sneak peeks of
Webster's Pages project created with some 
of their new lines.
Everything about each one is just
In the meanwhile be sure to stop by here and
check out all the other amazing projects that the DT are
You will be delighted that you did!

Be blessed!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Love Lace Tutorial (Cricut Mini)

Good morning to all and 
It has been a while since I have
put together a tutorial.
This one is quite different with it being
one for a cutting system.
My mother was so sweet enough to
purchase for me a Cricut Mini about two weeks ago in which
I went right to experimenting with.
Since our budget is SUPER
tight getting cartridges is
not an option for me at the moment.
What it did come with however was
a few font samples, basic shapes, and
a other misc. designs.
I thought to myself that
I could work with that.
Thus this tutorial was born.
Today I will be sharing with you how to create a
detailed lace pattern using just three basic shapes.
Let's begin!

 Here is the design we will be creating today.
I named it Love Lace just in time for Valentines Day.

1. At the bottom left go to My Cartridges and then go into
the Basic Shapes.
Within the Basic Shapes we will need to
go to the geometric shapes.

2. Within My Cartridges is also an Elegant Shape menu in
which the Emblem shape will be used.
So now we have Emblem, Circle, and Heart.
This is all we need!

3. Our focus is going to be on the
emblem for now so just move the circle and heart down
a bit.
Select the emblem then on the top menu bar copy then paste.

4. This will create a simple copy in which we
will slighty resize smaller.
The resize option is on the top left.

5. After we resize the copy we are
going to drag it right to the center of the original.
This will automatically create a cut-out.
I was so excited to realize that they programed the
cutting system to already know that is what is desired!

6. Next we will do the same thing with the
heart sizing it down to where it will fit within the emblem.
Make sure there are two hearts. A larger one and then
the smaller to create the cut-out in the center.
When you are ready to move the heart be sure and
double click on white space near the object to be
created then drag until we see a blue box surrouding
our selection.
This will select both hearts so they don't come
come apart and can both be moved safely.

7. Drag it right over to the center!
Now we have the base for most of the design!

8. Select all again by double clicking in white space
near our object dragging until covered by blue box then
let go. As said before this will select all.

9. Select copy and paste. Now we don't have to keep
pressing copy. Just press paste a few more times.
This should give us a few more copies automatically.

10. Now we are going to place our shapes as seen
below so that they overlap slighty. Use measurements if 
we are unsure about being spaced evenly.
Select all once we are satisfied with our placement.

11. Copy and paste!

12. Now we will take our circle and take the 
same steps we took for the emblem and heart
earlier in the tutorial.
We will need to play around a little with the size
of circles to insure they fit for the next step.

13. Once we have the our circle sizes squared away we
will select the both of them and place them as seen below.
Remember that we only have to make one circle set,
select them both, copy, and paste.

14. After we place our circles and are satified with
all placements we will again select all, copy, and paste.
This will in turn create a beautiful full copy that we
can add to the first.

15. Our last and final step is just filling in those
last three spaces with our circle set and we have a
Love Lace design all our own!!!
Now if we wanted to we could go a step futher placing
a smaller heart within the circles themselves.

This is how wonderful they turn out once cut!

We can now enjoy our design and again it just took three basic shapes!
The key is always to play, play, play.

I do hope you all have enjoyed this tutorial and
inspired some ideas all your very own.
Until next time be blessed and have a wonderful weekend!