Saturday, February 28, 2015

Goodbye Auto

I am back with a new goal in mind.
My journey to venture away from auto.
It has been a long time coming and
a geat longing of mine.
I am on my way!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Post, New Camera, New Computer

Well hello there again!
I pray that life is treating you all kindly today.
My world is surrouded by tons of choir rehersals, projects,
kids, hubby, and a world of the never ending chores.
In the mist of all the family life chaos hubby finds a way to
treat me to a few things that I have needed and wanted.
I have had a moment or so to get some point and click shots shown
below with my new camera but it going to take some getting use to for
sure. It is definitely so much more than that and I have a great
deal to learn.
Same thing goes with this new computer. Window 8 is awesome but
there is SO MUCH!
My old computer is on the verge of crashing.
It is a 97 as I hear you all laughing I know.
The year is 2015.
Do the math or maybe not. LOL!
God is good!

Hubby in all his randomness.
It is not often he lets me take any pics of him.
Says he doesn't take good pics but
I think he takes such handsome ones.

Here is my little tiger after pre-school today.
It was crazy hat day.
She was ready for a nice nap.

The next two pics are just things around the house and
I think that I am in love with this camera.
It will keep me for a while now.

it's a keeper alright.

Hubby is getting lonely so I am off for now.
I will do my best not to be a stranger here.
Be blessed all!

Monday, February 9, 2015

In This Together with Webster's Pages


I know it has been quite a while since my last post but
I am happy to say that I am on a road back.
So much of life has been quite a ride but that is always the case.
We are all well this way and my babies are growing,
growing, and growing.
There have been lots of memories made since last I posted and
would take me quite a while to post all the pictures.
Let's just start with one. LOL!

I created this page using Webster's Pages Ocean Melody along
with a few different elements from other Webster's Pages lines.

I am back with all my layers along with working with
some gold paint. I painted the lines on this cute little envelope and
also the pentagons in the middle of the stars.

Webster's Pages have these pretty paper feathers that
I was ready to use all over this page but I was a good crafter and
only used one.
There will be more projects to come featuring these cuties.

Memories are pure happiness with this bunch even
when they are driving me up the wall. LOL!
They are my favorite subject to scrapbook about and
what could be more sweeter than with Webster's Pages.

It feels so good to be posting again and
I will be back sooner than later with more projects
to share. There is tons to catch up on.
Thanks for visiting my corner of the world.
Be blessed all!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

WOW Embossing Powder and Ruby Rock-It!!!

Welcome everyone!
I hope that you have enjoyed this awesome creative 
journey thus far.
Creative hopping is always such
a fantastic idea booster.

For this hop I decided to make this
pretty little postcard with
all things girl in mind.
Just a quick pick me up sentiment to
let that special friend know that they are 
a WOW friend!

The range of WOW Embossing powders used were Vintage Amethyst for
the background along with a dash of Opaque Bright White, and Clear Gloss Ultra High for
the paper clip and wow veneer.
To go along with all the pretty embossing glitter I used the
Country Cookin range from Ruby Rock-It.

A few projects back I had the chance to play a
little bit as well with Ruby Rock-It Handi Scandi and
yummy Orange Fizz from WOW to dazzle this
wood veneer flower.
So, so, so very pretty!

Thanks so much to WOW Embossing Powder for
letting us here at Ruby Rock-It create with you and much thanks as
well to all fans out there who love doing what we do!
Keep creating and be blessed!

Here's the blog hop order, all you need to do to be eligible for our prize, is to leave a comment on each designer's blog and then come back to our blog letting us know you have done so!  Comments will be closing onFriday, November 21st at 11:59pm PST.
For additional chances to win, please go to our facebook page here, and share our blog hop & giveaway on your facebook wall, then come back and leave us a comment letting us know you have done so!
[album not included]

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gingerbread Banner with Webster's Pages

Hello there all!
I am back with a super holiday banner created
with Adrienne Looman's Gingerbread Village from
Webster's Pages!
With each year the designs just keeps getting better
and better especially for the holidays.
Can you believe it's here already?!
Where did  the year go?!!!

I hope that you enjoy!

This banner is pretty sweet and simple with all the
little cut-outs and such.
I didn't want to complicate it while still adding a
some of me into it.
The line itself makes it so simple for everything to look fantastic.

Yummy gingerbread house!

I couldn't resist taking a few photos of the banner all
bunched together. Look at all the brillaint holiday colors and
With just a few bits and pieces here and there for
this banner turned it into a
holiday decor for years to come.

Thanks so much for stopping in!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ruby Rock-It and Elizabeth Craft Designs Hop!!!

Hello, Hello, Hello all!!!
We are having an awesome blog hop for you all week long!
That means tons of non-stop inspiration!
Start here at Ruby Rock-It and also for
an exciting chance to win this beautiful collection.

Have fun!!!

Your next stop is Raquel Mason!

Friday, October 3, 2014

It's Me

Good morning everyone!
It has been so very long since I have done any
kind of photo series.
Things have been so very jammed packed this
way for a long while.
I had stopped taking pictures all together of anything except
for the instagram pic here and there.
I have to say that I miss it greatly.
My poor abandoned camera had been screaming to
snap some new shots so
I squeezed in some time for this little bit.
I simply named the series It's Me.
No, they are not perfect which is real.
I want to be real and not paint some impossible
person that no one could ever be.
This is me in all my imperfections.
I am not the skinnest, prettiest, most flawless thing
in the world and I am fine with that.
Yes, the battle still goes on inside comparing
myself to others and pretty sure that will always be.
It is always going to be a process learning to
love myself just as well and learning to love others.
The journey never ends.
This is me!

Have a blessed day!!!