Thursday, September 17, 2009

Behind The Scenes

Hello all! I pray that everyone is having a very blessed
day. I decided to take the day off from settling in and
turned it into a day to create a little. Mount upon mounts
of pics were just sitting here on our computer waiting to
be posted and most I noticed had to do with the behind
the scenes look at what it is that we do now. There were
so many that I just might have to do a part 2. I also
threw some pics in here of just random behind the scenes
places, things, etc., and my very first video post at the end.
You all get to hear me sing!!!!! HOW FUN IS THAT!!!
The song is called "In Mind", all rights reserved ofcourse,
and it sprung from the story about how I was minutes
away from being aborted when my mother was pregnant
with me. Here we go!

Meet the band
From left to right there is myself (singer), my hubby(guitar/singer),
Uncle Greg (bass/singer),
Audrie(singer), David (keyboard), Leilani, Jadon, and the
one with the most
character of all Steve (drummer).

Test pics

I had taken tons of pics for an invitation we had to make
for Jadon and Leilani's upcoming birthday party. This is
our first time ever planning a party for them on our own
and it is turning out to be quite a fun thing. The reasoning
behind the old look is for their theme. We our going Ragtime!
Everyone is going to dress up ragtime, our band is going
to play a little swing, and it is just going to be a blast!!!

Origami Play
I am taking it upon myself to do the tablescape with origami
for the party. The tray is holding little pockets in which I am
going to put napkins in. The birdies are just for the fun of it.
This is jut a sneak peak. I still have a lot of origami to do. If
you are interested in having a little bit of fun with these as well
Dress Up
These are the dresses for Leilani and myself along with
a few more fun items!

Places and Things

Family and the Extended

In Mind

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