Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend

So this little princess cupcake is now three years old and
such a little joy. I always tell everyone how I was not
prepared at all to have another child at the time. That
quickly changed when I held her for the first time. What
a little doll. We are the process of trying to get her
completely potty trained but she is just taking her precious
little time. She is almost there.

Pop-Pop and Grandma came to visit on the weekend of the
8th and the kids were SO excited. They LOOOOOOOOVE
their grandmas and grandpas. These are just random pics
from the entire weekend including a complete picture of the
band. We had such a great time. Enjoy!!!

Pop-Pop and Grandma

I know that I still have pics to post from their official b-day
party. They are coming though and a few more things to
talk about. Until then be very blessed!

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