Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back In Business and Grateful

Today I sigh a sigh of relief. I have been without my
camera for about three weeks due to the battery
charger being totally shot. I searched and searched
and finally found one at Radio Shack and it was on
sale! Can you say YIPEEEEE!!! Yea, I'm a nerd......

I figured the first pic that I would take is of me two
and a half months after having Kyra. I am pretty much
back to my normal size except for a little hidden belly
still. It felt as though I would never be the same again
after having the c-section and in a way I won't be. I
will definitely be appreciating the ability to just move
around a great deal more due that experience!

There are tons of projects that I have to get pics of,
edit, then post so stay tuned!!!
Be blessed!


  1. hahaha I see someone is happy! I'm getting my camera soon so I can't wait to feel that feeling!

  2. You look amazing!! Glad your camera is back!! :)