Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just A Few Things

 This was the day before Thanksgiving and boy was I tired. Elliott and I were getting
ready to head up to Cal City. We had a great time with his family.

 We played dominos in which I can barely play. LOL! Elliott was focusing really hard.
 I created a few cards for Elliott's oldest sister and his moms and step-dad.
 Here are a few pics that I have been wanting share for quite some time.
I created most of all that is seen here for my wedding to Elliott.

The pillow was my favorite thing to make. I LOVE how it turned out. I call this the wedding
table. There are several other gifts that was given such as wedding glasses, a wedding bell,
and things of that nature. I can't really display them here due to a little angel with sticky
fingers named Kyra. There are so many other things to share but they have come bit by bit.
I do hope and pray that everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. My mother and eldest sis
are heading out this way for Christmas so I am super happy about that. It is going to be a full
house because this year is my turn to have the kids for this particular holiday. I can't wait!

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