Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Angel!!!

Happy Birthday to my little baby
angel Kyra Faith Reszko.
Oh how mommy loves you and
am blessed beyond measure to
watch you grow.

Time just goes by so quickly and
I want to capture it all.
Take in every part of who
you are and all the joy you
bring to our lives. Through all the meltdowns,
laughter, time consuming, doctor,
sicknesses, playfulness, crying, and
everything that comes in between
baby girl you are true.
You go straight to the heart.
                                                  Look at you now at two!!! Full of personality and
                                                  show sure of what you want when you want it.
                                                  You love to dance, love music, you are a shoe
                                                  bandit, sneak off with my craft inks, smart as can
                                                  be, very vocal, full of wonder for life, and just
                                                   everything a mother could hope for in her baby
                                                 girl. May the Lord add a blessing to you this day.
                                                  For he loves you more than I ever could and yet
                                                  saw fit to give you to us. You are loved! You are
                                                 blessed! MWA!!!

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