Monday, July 9, 2012

So Much to Say So Much to Share!!!

Good Monday to all!!!
These past three weeks have
been a bit active with family
and other little
ventures here and there.

This weekend I had a chance
to visit Crafted which was 
awesome!!! I met
Jennifer Priest who
I design for owner of
tell you that her booth was
stunning! You have to see
here work in person because
pictures doesn't do any
justice. I will be sharing a few
pictures really soon.
She is also SUPER sweet. I
had such delightful time with her.

On another exciting note guess
where else I will be designing now?!!!!!
                                                         I am so giddy about this opportunity
                                                         as well. Sarah Hurley Designs are so
                                                         wonderful and I just can't wait to start
                                                         creating with them. Please stop by to
                                                         welcome the other talented ladies of
                                                         the team!!!

                                                         Be back with a ton of pics!!!!