Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cool N Calm

That is what I am trying to do for
these last few days of kids
being at home while trying also
to keep cool. This humidity is
a drainer for sure.

                                               I have been in a deep creative mode working
                                               on a number of things and being super inspired.
                                               Hubby and I went to Target this past weekend
                                               and I ended up taking quite a few pics on
                                               my phone in which I NEVER do really. There
                                               were so many things that gave me ideas I
                                               didn't want to chance them to memory. The
                                                little ones tend to scramble my thoughts a great
                                                deal. I am still well! =)
                                                Now I am off to finish a few things along with
                                                some touch cleaning of the house or should
                                                that be the other way around. Giggle......
                                                Be blessed all!