Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Mornings Discovery

Good Early Morning.
I have been in brainstorm mode
lately again.
The children and I didn't have school
yesterday so took a break
from creative thinking to just
simply hang out.
Now we are back to it again.
Jadon this morning stumble upon
this beauty hanging outside
the craft room window screen.
Mantis happen to be my favorite
insect if you can fathom having a
favorite. They are so
remarkable to me and very
fascinating to look at.
Everyone took the time out just
to observe and after a few minutes
I guess it decided the show was
over and crawled off.
It is funny how the simple things
in life can bring us all together.

                                         Have a few things in the works so don't be a stranger.
                                         Be blessed!!!

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