Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Early Birthday!

Look at what hubby got for me early this
year for my birthday!!!
So happy to get a slight upgrade compared
to what I was using before. 
I am looking foward to mastering all there is
to know about this one.
It was within budget on sale of course.
My next camera hopefully will be
the kind where different lens types can
be used. Those puppies cost a nice chunk.
For now I am very grateful and
want to thank my care bear
for caring about my passions.

                                My little Lani got first dibs on an edited picture.
                                She is such a ham for the camera.
                                Thanks for stopping  by and be blessed!!!


  1. Congrats Candy! I know you'll be putting that to good use!! Your daughter is beautiful! Happy early birthday! :)