Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mall Decor...

Visions of Christmas # 7
Balls of Holly

                                Well, I have been quite the busy one for the most part
                                of this week. We had the most wonderful Christmas party
                                 fot the last day of this semester at school. It is rare where
                                 that you are in a class where most people communicate
                                 and get to know one another. It is especially wonderful
                                 to have a teacher who is down to earth and cares.
                                 Unfortunately as soon as I came home the cold that
                                 everyone was fighting finally hit me hard. I was really
                                  hoping that this one would pass me by but nope.
                                  I just have to rest up all weekend in hopes that it doesn't
                                  linger too long.
                                  Be blessed all!!!

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