Monday, April 22, 2013

Madhouse Mania


It is total madness right now on my little
corner of the world with
tons of projects and events in the works!
Just to name a few...

Kyra's 3rd birthday

Our 2nd anniversary

and just a world of other things in the mix.
My father and big sisters birthday are coming up as well.

I have to get a little camera play in there somewhere.
These are just so cute!
They given to my girls from hubby's worker.

                                            Soon I will put together a catch up on some my
                                            current projects and maybe a few that are in the
                                            works. WHEW!

                                            OH, there is a blog hop on the way tomorrow
                                            as well that you want to join in on!!!
                                            Full details will be posted then!

                                            Will be seeing you real soon.....

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