Monday, April 21, 2014

Love and Happiness Ruby Rock-It Style

it has been a while all but for good cause.
Actually my computer is old so have been trying to 
work from hubby's. It doesn't
always do the trick because all of my project files are
on my computer.
My keyboard then went completely out on me but
I do have a new one now.
I am working on managing my time better especially having
to juggle family, home, church, and craft life.
Things tend to cross and clash but with a little
bit of work I am sure it will balance out.

Today I am sharing my very first Ruby Rock-It project!
I created a set of cards featuring Year In Review range!
For more details come and visit us here on the blog.
There is so much creativity going on right now.
Don't miss out!

I will be popping in more often so stay tuned for more life,
craft, and love from my little corner of the world!
Be blessed!

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