Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello Six Months

Well, here I am at six months and boy am I tired. It
seems to be getting worse the further along I get.
I went for my ultrasound and they said that it looks
like another girl is on the way but then said they can't
be completely sure. I know that they can't tell 100%
but she made sound as if she REALLY was not sure
so I have to stick with the neutral colors. I know that
you all want to stare at the way that I carry. It is
absolutely strange and see my brace over to the side.
That is what I have to wear when the weight tends
to be a little too much which is most of the time. LOL!
Anywho, 6 down and 3 more to go and I am FINISHED
for good. No more babies for me. LOL!
Be blessed!

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