Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Creations New Inspiration

Morning, sorry I have been a little quiet. Just baby on the
brain more and more day by day. I finally managed to pick
out a name!!! Kyria Faith Reszko. The first name means
noble woman and ofcourse Faith is pretty much straight
foward. I am really satisfied with this name and think that
it is quite lovley. Let me know what ya think!

On to some creations. I have ALWAYS been a fan of Pagemaps
and have ALWAYS wanted to be a faithful follower and
creator of projects based off the sketches. This is the recent
contest/challenge from her site!
Along with the sketch is my take on it!!!

I have such a weakness for layering and this page is no exception.
Lots of layers. The page had to include some that we appreciate
from day to day so I thought about sunshine. Being a stay-at-home
mom sometimes means that you stay indoors a little too much.
When you don't have your own house and happen to live in
and apartment it makes it that much harder because there is no
yard of any kind. There happen to be little areas around where
I can take Lani out and just sit, watch her, and enjoy a few rays
of sunshine. In those moments there is nothing like it. Thank
you Pagemaps for a little reflecting and clarity!

Here is a card that I created using CPS sketch #158. Sorry,
I forgot to add the picture of the sketch but you can check it
The sketch is from last week but there are some that I still
just can not pass up.
Now for a few things that have made me swoon over the past
week. I have been venturing out and finding new inspiration
and pretty things that I would LOVE to work into projects of
A little give-a-way Elsie had on her blog recently.
She always has the most wonderful little treasures.

Speaking of treasures, here are a few pics of vintage treasures
found at the Little Pink Studio.
There is SO much inspiration packed here!!!
Lastly her Primas product pick! How can you not
be inspired by Prima!!!
Well, I am off now to myself together outwardly.
I am still in PJ gear.
Be blessed and I hoped you enjoyed the read!

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