Friday, March 12, 2010


I have really been missing taking photos and such so due to me
having to slow down day by day I thought it might be time again.
Oh and we FINALLY HAVE INK in our printer again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That motivated me a great deal as well. We had to buy all the
colors over again because we had not used it in such a long while.
They all had dryed out!

On to a few projects. I created this card based off of the recent
pagemaps challenge. I have ALWAYS LOVED her sketches but
never got around to doing one until now. This was fun!!!
Go check it out here!

Here is a quick pic of my littel butterfly! We were picking
up Jadon from school. I tryed getting a pic of Jadon but
he totally wasn't feeling it.
Lastly this is just because I want to create a page layout
and I am EXCITED to have ink again project. LOL! We
were at the pier and I was extremely surprised at some
of the rides that they were not afraid of!

Well, that all folks for now. Hope to be back real soon!!!
Be blessed!!!

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