Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Little Somethin Funny

LOL!!! A few Sundays ago I brought my camera to church
and my sis decided she wanted to do a random photo shoot.
She went around taking pics of the oddest things and her
ipod happen to be one of them. The first pic she took of it
reminded me of that Geico commercial with the bunch of
money. So I told her and she laughed because she saw it
too!!! She set it up again to look almost exactly like it. With
a little bit of editing on my part this is the end result. We
make a great team hugh! LOL!!! I think that I just might
print this and hang it as a mini poster!


  1. LoL this was the funniest Sunday ever...u have 2 email me that picture so I can put it on my blog.....btw u still owe me a photo shoot..

  2. I love your funky layouts!! Your blog rocks!! I'm now a follower! Great stuff! :D