Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When Will She Stop Counting?!

So we are a little over 5 weeks now and I have my six
week appt. tomorrow. Hopefully they tell me that I can
drive again. Getting out and about again is on the brain!
Little Kyra is coming along GREAT and is playing a
little bit more everyday. It tickles me so to watch her.
We started tummy time with her in which she doesn't
care for that much and starts to cry almost as soon
as she's put on her stomach. Here she is!

Here is my complete crew!!! They have been in the sun a LOT
and have this beautiful tan to their skin. LOVE this complexion!
Kyra has some catching up to do as she grows. LOL!

We have an Independence Challenge going on over at
I went all stripes and stars on this one. LOL! Seriously,
we tend not to think about how blessed we are with
the many freedoms that we have. I tend to ponder a
a lot and think about such heartache that is going on
around the world. I wonder why I was born in the USA
and not in a third world country where they live in
fear and poverty. When I get in a mode of complaining
these are a few of the thoughts that brings everything
into perspective for me again. I am truely grateful to
be free and that is something worth celebrating everyday!

Little Kyra is calling so until next time be blessed!!!