Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Well, this weekend that is what
all of us plan to do with the kids!
We usually don't have them for
the weekend but since it
is 4th of July weekend a slew
of hubby's family are coming
out. We figured it would be tons
of fun for them to meet
everyone else. Some family hubby
has not seen in 30 years!
Should be a wonderful thing
for him.

This is just a quick card that I made!

Have to get out my creative time
now before leaving for weekend.

On another short note look
how big my little man is
getting. He eats like
there is no tomorrow too!!!
Boy can he eat!
                                                           He was a little pooped from Kyra's
                                                           birthday and start dazing a little bit.
                                                           Perfect picture moment.

                                                           That is it for today. I will be back
                                                           at least one more time to share a
                                                           Bind-It-All project in review.
                                                           Be blessed!!!

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