Thursday, October 11, 2012


Yes, I know......
It has been a little quite here but
for good reasons.
A little stomach bug paid us a visit last
week and made everyone sick.
It was more of 24 hour thing thank God almighty.
I start the new quarter of school next
week and have been helping hubby
understand some of his assignments here
at home.
We have also been busy doing little
things here and there for Jadon and Lani's
birthday this month as well. Last night Lani
insisted that I make muffins that I promised them.
Not from scratch this time...
There are a few projects in the works as well.
All and all life is on the go as usual but what
a blessing to have life itself.
What a blessing indeed.

                                              I will be back tomorrow with some DT news and
                                              reminders. I will not be around for the weekend as
                                              well. Hubby has family event going on so we will be
                                              off to Cal City and Palmdale.
                                              Be blessed everyone!!!

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