Friday, October 19, 2012

Total Random Friday

Hello there and welcome to my Friday
randomness. Just a few things that has gone
on in my week.

Fiskars had a huge give away spree on Facebook and
was one of the blessed random winners chosen to receive
this bad boy. I couldn't wait to play so
I used them to make the circle embellishment on
the Christmas card below.
They are super easy to cut with.
I am in the process of using them now for
an album I am working on. Can
you say HOOKED?!

Sometimes I sit after class and just do
things like write, sketch, and take pics
of myself. I have not been in pic mode
lately and thought to give myself a little push.

Lego play by Jadon. I love it when in rare
quiet moments he spends his time building things.
He is so particular in every way.
So cool!

                                               Well, that is it for me this Friday. Now to
                                               head off to wash dirty school uniform clothes
                                               and wash dishes. So glamorous I know. LOL!
                                               Be blessed!!!