Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Butterfly

Afternoon everyone!
Well my attempt to blog for a straight month went
straight out the door. LOL!
At least I did a week and that makes me feel a little
bit better.

Today will consist of school, finishing up a few DT project,
preparing to head out to Vegas, and hopefully some good rest.
I meant to share earlier about the new necklace that
hubby insisted on getting me.
He wanted me to have a new butterfly so for Christmas that
was one of the wonderful gifts that I received.
What a care bear.

                                     Very excited about seeing my family I am as well as the kids.
                                     My camera will get lots of use over the weekend.
                                      I so wish that I could have made it to CHA though. I
                                      thought for sure I would make it this year.
                                      So to everyone who is attending have enough fun for me!!!
                                      Have a blessed day now!


  1. Great photo and gorgeous necklace. Have a good weekend and there's always the next CHA.xx

  2. Thanks Jaine!!! Sure would be neat to have two me though right now. LOL!

  3. hope you're having a great time in Vegas! and love the necklace :) x