Monday, January 7, 2013


Tonight as I slowly crept upstairs right there behind
me trailed a little nutmeg with pacifier and blanky in hand.
As I lay down she pondered the idea for a brief moment and
then she too managed a wobbled climb and lay right beside me.
She fiddled around with a section of blanket playfully tossing to and fro
for a bit and then sudden silence.
I knew she'd fell fast asleep.
In the back drop I hear the voice of
two older ones quarrel with one another as one comes stomping
upstairs mouth full of insults of himself.
I call to him very firmly to stop such foolish talk.
He walks away still with a few words to mutter to
Little miss lady is not far behind him and as all children
have their way of convincing one another he convinces her to stay.
A gentle bribe.
They are soon at play in unity writing get well
letters to their father and such with a little prayer at the end.
I smile to myself.
It is in these particular moments that I truly
feel the joy of being honored to be a mother.
Through such chaos of the day the
night brings such subtleties as this.

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