Saturday, April 17, 2010

At The Point...

Well, I am now at that stage where EVERYTHING is painful.
Not hospital type pain just uncomfortable. Everyone around
me are like cheerleaders shouting GO CANDY GO!!! YOU
CAN DO IT!!! LOL!!! I tryed getting a pic of myself but my
battery is dead to my camera now and I misplaced the charger.
MUST find that! At least I got a chance to get a few pics of
my latest creations even though the lighting stinks.

Here is a preview of the page that I created for Pencil Lines.
Again the lighting stinks so I decided to wait until tomorrow
to get a decent pic.

Here is another Moxie Fab World Tuesday Trigger.
I have been coming across a few books now that I
want to start reading and folding the corner of pages
to keep my place is not an option. Bad habit for me...
So a bookmark was born.

Lastly is a card creation based of this awesome
sketch from 2s4y!!!

I am SO hooked on Prima it is really sad. LOL!
No, not sad but I find myself using Prima in most
of my work. I have also been up some great scraps
as well which makes me VERY happy!
Now it is off to lay down! This chair is killing my
I have a baby shower coming up next week and
HOPE to get tons of pics!!!
Just a side thought that's all. Grin...
Good night and be blessed!

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