Friday, April 9, 2010

So my days have been filled with these.

Well, ofcourse my little skittles but appointments.
I can not tell how many times this week I have
been in and out of the doctors office. The kids are
ok. The appointments were for me. Don't worry
because I am ok too it is just that time for back
to back scheduling. When I go out I am like a show
to everyone because of the way I carry. I have
mentioned this several times but I just have to
keep saying it. They can't believe that there is a
baby inside this basketball shaped womb but I
assure them that there is. It is felt everynight
when I wind down and the baby starts to party. LOL!
Why always at night?!!!

I will try to get a pic up of my 7th month belly and a
few new creations soon.
Be blessed!!!

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