Thursday, April 29, 2010

NSD and Daily Matters...

I am back again with a few things on my mind like
being ready to have Kyria. Can you tell in this
photo? My face looks so chunky to me. Grin..........

Here is my 8 month big bump! I can barely put my
my socks on, stand, walk, breath, etc. LOL!
Everyone keeps telling me that I am not going to
make it and like I said, I believe every word of it!!!

This shower gift made me want to cry seriously!!! I only
really wanted the spray which would have made me
extremely happy but when I opened the bag and saw
the complete set I was overwhelmed. Thank you just
doesn't cut it but THANK YOU ELLIOT!!! Now all I have
to do is make a trip to Canada somewhere to get my hands
on a scent that used to be sold here in the US Seasplash
by Naturistic. Are you familiar?

Here is one of the blankets that was made for baby Kyria!
A friend at church Jamie made a small one and then one
a bit larger of the same colors. Absolutely gorgeous colors!

This here is just a random photo. They are a bunch of colorful
connective triangles and the when put together on the back
looks like this. Just a little photo play...

So who is looking foward to NSD this weekend?! There is just
tons of stuff going on! Here are a couple of things.

Momenta Invite your friends to become a fan! Have them post your name in this status as the person who invited them and you could EACH win a $10 gift certificate! DT members do not apply, so in the case someone is referred by a DT member, they will win $20 for themselves! Winner be chosen tomorrow at 10am Eastern time! If we have reached 1000 members by that time, the prize will DOUBLE! Good luck! :)!/mymomenta
Be sure to tell them that Candice Reszko sent ya!!!

Also check it out at Prima!!! They have some pretty
sweet things going on over there as well!!!

Well, that just about sums up todays post. Whatever
you plan on doing I hope that you have a blast this
NSD weekend. I would also like to say THANK YOU
to all who comes to visit me here in my little corner
of the world AND for becoming followers!!!
You all are super!!!!
Stay tuned for a little monthly project that I plan on
starting up soon for some extra inspiration here.
Be blessed!!!

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