Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am Trying...

If I blog every other day I will be happy. LOL! Down here at
the home front we are enjoying a few things like this....

and my new fave drink!!! They have all sorts but my fave is
the immunity. They all taste like liquid taffy but healthy!!!
I also have a couple of projects to share before I go. I am being
attacked now by allergies. Being pregnant for me is not such a
pleasant thing. Here we have CPS sketch #148. This little card
gave me a hard time but I finally got it to where I wanted it and
that is always a great feeling.

Here is a just because I want to create page. I LOVE this picture
of Jadon even though taken a while ago. He has SO much energy
but when he is like this it's heaven for me to watch him.

Well, I have to go make something to eat and then nap for
about 10 seconds. LOL!
Be blessed!!!

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