Monday, January 11, 2010

I Can Feel It!!!

Happy Monday to you all! Today I am feeling the
preggies big time. I am now about 5 months and
it is just taking my breath away. There are so many
people when looking at me who question the way
I carry. It looks weird, I know, but I did carry Jadon
and Leilani the same way. My stomach will blow
up at about 7 months and then I will just be all
belly. I need a brace of some sort seriously. My
mother carried all six the same way too and had
to lift her belly onto the counter just to wash dishes.
LOL!!! We are tiny folk...
Can't wait to meet our third though who LOVES
to hang out on my bladder constantly!

In other news look who I will be designing for!!!

I have known about Crop Suey for some time now.
They have taken on a new direction which takes
us all back to heart of what scrapbooking is all about.
Please come and check us out! Just click the Crop
Suey on the side and it will take you right there. I
am very excited to be designing with a team again
and can't wait to get creating with the rest of this
lovely team. See you there!
Be Blessed!!!

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