Sunday, September 5, 2010

Circus and A Bad Headache

So today was pretty much spent when we got back from this.

The kids LOVED it and I could tell it right up Leilanis alley especially.
She is the little dare devil of our bunch. During and after the show
I had to keep an extra eye open because she had this certain interest
in climbing things! Can you say dangerous!!! She got over it but I know
it is in her blood. Performing arts is definitely up the road for her
career choice. I will be sharing pics a little later.
I have a HUGE headache now due to me taking a nap and now not
being able to sleep even though extremely exhausted. For anyone
who knows me naps and I don't play well.
This posting everyday thing is proving to be challenging for me but
at the same time fun. It helps me defragment my brain for the day.
LOL! I am off now to try and catch a few zzzzzzs.
Catch you all later!

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