Monday, September 27, 2010

Community Picnic Part ll

This weekend I became so caught up into just taking a breather for myself.
The weather was nice so I sat outside with Kyra and just enjoyed the warth
ot the sun. Blogging was set aside and actually did some scrapbooking to
ease my mind a bit. Sometimes you just scream inside for some time to your-
self. This weekend was one of those times. Here are a few more pics of
the picnic that was held on the 18th.

                                I am watching time just pass me by when it comes to my kids. They
                                are getting so  big so fast. Since Kyra is my last I am trying very hard
                                to take in as much baby time as possible and not take her for granted.
                                Leilani is just a little princess and knows it and Jadon is definitely one
                                of those where the wild thing are type of  boy. I am planning a small
                                birthday party for the both of them since their birthdays are in the
                                same month. This years theme to kick off the fall is Indians!!! I am
                                going to be putting together craft activities to make feather head bands,
                                arrows, and maybe paper bag vest. Will have to see.

                                Stay tuned for a late Good Finds post!!! I had a lot of them this past

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