Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Cutting Edge

Me: Is it ok to take pictures of certain aspects of the class?

Dietician: I suppose so if you would like!

Me: I know, I'm strange...

Dietician: No, but no one has ever ask that before!

Me: Really?!

Dietician: Really!

So I am taking this 6 week class where we meet every Tuesday.
It is a privately funded program which means I don't have to
pay for it. What a blessing! I have been health conscious for a
while but fell back on a few things so this program is perfect to
get me back on track. It is also a win win situation because it
can be passed down to my kiddos. Here are just a few things that
I learned tonight.

1. Only 8% of cancers are due to genetics.
2. 4/10 Americans will have some sort of cronic illness in life.
3. It takes the brain 20 minutes to tell the body that it is full.
4. Vegetarians have an extra 10 year life span.
5. Dark soda, except for root beer, strips the body of calcium.

Yea, those are just a few fun facts if you want to call it that. Some-
thing that I have heard time after time again is that a simple
change in diet can result in the prevention/reversal of a number
of ailments.

Our assignment was to set five S.M.A.R.T. goals and to pick
one that we struggle with the most to work on.

S. Specific
M. Measurable
A. Attainable
R. Realistic
T. Timeline

Drinking enough water has always been tough for me so my
goal is right now is to start working on drinking four 8 oz. glasses
of water per day. I can do this!!! LOL!
It feels as though I have given a mini class of my own. LOL!
Anywho, must be going now. I hear sleep calling.
Be blessed and send some cheering on my way!

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  1. Candy! I'm trying to get back to dancing...I need to eat healthier...so YOU'RE my source! I'll be at your house soon! :)