Friday, September 10, 2010

Good Finds

So I know that I have missed the last two days of posting
but for good reason. Jadon and now Leilani will be away
from home now growing up. Coming into this world with
a great big hello only preparing them eventually to say
goodbye is so bittersweet. Jadon will be starting first grade
and Leilani will be starting her early learning adventure
all on Monday. Their birthdays are coming up as well. I just
can't believe that they will be 6 and 4!!! SIGH!!!

I am thinking about doing this every Friday(fingers crossed)
where I post Good Finds. By good finds I mean it right down
to the exact meaning. They will not be items bought! We are
blessed to have a donation center here and it is kind of like
going thrifting. I have gotten a great deal of FANTASTIC items
in every catorgory you can think of so I would like to share
my good finds with you!

This is the purse that I switched to yesterday. I am a HUGE
fan of belts and wish this monster of a buckle was on one!!!!!
I am by no means addicted to shoes. If I find a couple of good pairs
I wear them down to the bare bone. Seriously! These are a few
that I have come across. The middle pair I am sending to my mother.
They are 9 1/2 which are way too big for me. I thought of her when
I saw them.

This is an altered pic of a cute can that I found. LOL! I turned it
into a poster! I will post what the can really looks like a little

Like I mentioned, I am a HUGE fan of belts!!!

This is definitely something that I think that I can keep up
with. Inspired by Mondays are still in mind but baby Kyra
takes up so much time and naturally she comes first.
Hope you enjoyed this little post!
Catch you all later!

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