Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello Six Months

Well, here I am at six months and boy am I tired. It
seems to be getting worse the further along I get.
I went for my ultrasound and they said that it looks
like another girl is on the way but then said they can't
be completely sure. I know that they can't tell 100%
but she made sound as if she REALLY was not sure
so I have to stick with the neutral colors. I know that
you all want to stare at the way that I carry. It is
absolutely strange and see my brace over to the side.
That is what I have to wear when the weight tends
to be a little too much which is most of the time. LOL!
Anywho, 6 down and 3 more to go and I am FINISHED
for good. No more babies for me. LOL!
Be blessed!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


It is always so much fun to see projects that you have created
inspiring others! It is just as exciting when they are featured
by the same sites and companies that inspire you. Check me out
Thank you

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inspired By Prima n Moxie Fab!!!

Well, I bought these GORGEOUS Prima flowers from Two Peas

and when I saw them in person I just knew I had to create little

art flowers all my own!!!

I came up with these. I really don't know what to call them but

that not the most important thing. The important thing was after

making them......................................................................................

I USED THEM!!!!!!!

A dear friend of mine from the band that we are in gave me this

little box of chocolate samples. I did what any preggy artist woman

would have done. I ate the chocolates and altered the box!!! =)
Moxie Fab World Tuesday Trigger inspired me as well this week

with this color combo in which I am CRAZY about right!!! Thanks

Moxie Fab!!!!!

Well, that is the story tonight and it is late now so I have to go get

some shut eye.

Until next time be blessed!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Slowly But Surely

That is what it feels like anyways. Still wanting to
blog more and share more. I know that I will get
there soon. I have been doing lots better though
so I shouldn't beat myself up. LOL!

I stopped by to share some Sassafras love! They
are having this challenge where you dig out the
goodies you have been admiring but just haven't
had the heart to dig into yet. Well here is mine. I
have such a bad habit of buying pretty scrapbooking
goods and not being able to cut into them. Some-
times it is just so hard but I did it!!!

I hope you are inspired in some type of way!!! I am
always up for challenges now. Another HUGE change
for me.
Until next time be blessed!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Just A Few Things

So yesterday for first time in my life I actually watched
the superbowl. For those that know me I DO NOT like
football at all!!!! I just didn't get it and never seemed like
a fun sport to me not even when I played in school. The
church was having a get together though to fellowship
and watch so I thought WHY NOT! Thanks to a really
great friend in the band I was able to understand it a
WHOLE lot better and actually got excited during some
parts of the game. SURPRISE?! Yes, for me it was. Oh
the twist and turns of life.

Here are a few challenge projects that I did. This first one
is a challenge on the Embellish Magazine site.
The challenge was to use a color combo and ribbon. I just
recently found this site and LOVED it right from the start.
They have tons of inspiration!!!

This second project is a DT page that I made for Crop Suey
featuring a special guy. I figured I would give it a little twist
and make it about my SIL new dog Otto. OH MY GOODNESS!
This dog is SO SWEET and I fell in love with him instantly.
His paws are HUGE and he is going to be just that when he
hits adulthood. Adorabable!!! Please come play along with us
and get inspired by our fantastic design team.

Until next time all be blessed!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

So Sad....

Yes, it is sad but true. My poor camera has been neglected.
I just have not been motivated to take any photos lately. It
just happened!!! I'll just blame it on having a preggy moment.

Speaking of photos and preggy moments when I saw this photo it
just made my mouth water. Oh how I wish I had some of this
right now!!!
Found here:
I will be back soon with Crop Suey Challenge 2!!!
Be Blessed!