Thursday, April 29, 2010

NSD and Daily Matters...

I am back again with a few things on my mind like
being ready to have Kyria. Can you tell in this
photo? My face looks so chunky to me. Grin..........

Here is my 8 month big bump! I can barely put my
my socks on, stand, walk, breath, etc. LOL!
Everyone keeps telling me that I am not going to
make it and like I said, I believe every word of it!!!

This shower gift made me want to cry seriously!!! I only
really wanted the spray which would have made me
extremely happy but when I opened the bag and saw
the complete set I was overwhelmed. Thank you just
doesn't cut it but THANK YOU ELLIOT!!! Now all I have
to do is make a trip to Canada somewhere to get my hands
on a scent that used to be sold here in the US Seasplash
by Naturistic. Are you familiar?

Here is one of the blankets that was made for baby Kyria!
A friend at church Jamie made a small one and then one
a bit larger of the same colors. Absolutely gorgeous colors!

This here is just a random photo. They are a bunch of colorful
connective triangles and the when put together on the back
looks like this. Just a little photo play...

So who is looking foward to NSD this weekend?! There is just
tons of stuff going on! Here are a couple of things.

Momenta Invite your friends to become a fan! Have them post your name in this status as the person who invited them and you could EACH win a $10 gift certificate! DT members do not apply, so in the case someone is referred by a DT member, they will win $20 for themselves! Winner be chosen tomorrow at 10am Eastern time! If we have reached 1000 members by that time, the prize will DOUBLE! Good luck! :)!/mymomenta
Be sure to tell them that Candice Reszko sent ya!!!

Also check it out at Prima!!! They have some pretty
sweet things going on over there as well!!!

Well, that just about sums up todays post. Whatever
you plan on doing I hope that you have a blast this
NSD weekend. I would also like to say THANK YOU
to all who comes to visit me here in my little corner
of the world AND for becoming followers!!!
You all are super!!!!
Stay tuned for a little monthly project that I plan on
starting up soon for some extra inspiration here.
Be blessed!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Evening

1. I could not find my old charger adapter ANYWHERE
so I had to go and buy a universal adapter which is
pretty cool. It is just one of those bitter sweet things.
You lose something only to gain something better at
a price that is.
2. We had the baby shower today and it turned out
pretty good. I am very thankful for such great people
to help out on this last baby venture. I HAVE to show
u all later what my sweet friend Elliot (from the band)
bought just for mommy later. Also several of the
ladies knitted or crocheted these GORGEOUS
baby blankets!!! I have take pics of those as well.
Thank you all!!!
3. Yes, I changed my banner yet again.....
4. Now I am completely pooped!!!
Be blessed!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Today in LA...

Good morning. Today in LA it is a little cold and cloudy right
about now which makes it difficult to mentally wake up. I
actually LOVE days like this.
I was browsing some of my fave blogs and came across a
question that I thought might give a little bit more insight on
getting to know me.
If you really knew me well you would know..............................
my greatest fear is going blind!
It is very true! With having an awareness of art and how
much it means to me to see everything around me
it truely is a gift. I may not have perfect vision but the
vision that I do have and am extremely grateful for and
it is one thing I don't complain about.
Well, that is my little thought for today!
Now to go give the kiddies a shower.
Be blessed!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hello there everyone! Just shooting by to share a few pages
inspired by some wonderful sketches. This was another thing
that I was really did do until recently and I am relearning
that inspiration comes from everywhere!

This first page is based off of Primas BAP for April. I have a
hard time with leaving so much white space on a page so this
was a challenge! I enjoyed the process much to my surprise
and it came together with very little effort. Thanks Prima!!!
Dude Collection used for this specific page along with Say-It

Here is the page that I completed for Pencil Lines #181 by
Dear Lizzy. Another LOVELY sketch!!!

This is a major SHOUT OUT to this super fun
line that I just fell in love with by Prima!!!!!!!
I have been using bits and pieces from this line
here and there just to savor it. SIGH...
This line is also Primas Product pic for April
so go check it out. I will do my best to create
a few more projects using some of these goodies.

On another note the baby is starting to drop
and the Brextons are getting REALLY uncomfortable!
I am trying to get that 10 hour a day sleep
issue in but it is still quite hard to do. The baby
shower is this Sunday after church service which
is VERY cool because everyone will already be
there. I hope to have either found my adapter to
my battery charger for my camera or have bought
one. I have looked EVERYWHERE for that thing
and just can't locate it!
Oh well...
I will get pics somehow.
Now to go rest up a little before having to go to service
See you all later and be blessed!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

At The Point...

Well, I am now at that stage where EVERYTHING is painful.
Not hospital type pain just uncomfortable. Everyone around
me are like cheerleaders shouting GO CANDY GO!!! YOU
CAN DO IT!!! LOL!!! I tryed getting a pic of myself but my
battery is dead to my camera now and I misplaced the charger.
MUST find that! At least I got a chance to get a few pics of
my latest creations even though the lighting stinks.

Here is a preview of the page that I created for Pencil Lines.
Again the lighting stinks so I decided to wait until tomorrow
to get a decent pic.

Here is another Moxie Fab World Tuesday Trigger.
I have been coming across a few books now that I
want to start reading and folding the corner of pages
to keep my place is not an option. Bad habit for me...
So a bookmark was born.

Lastly is a card creation based of this awesome
sketch from 2s4y!!!

I am SO hooked on Prima it is really sad. LOL!
No, not sad but I find myself using Prima in most
of my work. I have also been up some great scraps
as well which makes me VERY happy!
Now it is off to lay down! This chair is killing my
I have a baby shower coming up next week and
HOPE to get tons of pics!!!
Just a side thought that's all. Grin...
Good night and be blessed!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Quick Pick

Another Tuesday coming up means another Tuesday Trigger
brought to you by Moxie Fab World! Here is my take on last

Is this not one of the most beautiful cards ever! I
sure can't top it but being inspired it is quite enough
for me.
It is sort-of late and the doc says I need more sleep.
They say that 10 hours is what I should be getting
and I chuckled underneath my breath a little. That
would be a miracle if I got that much sleep daily but
I have to try. There is a bigger and longer post coming
up so be on the look out for it. It is amazing the talent
and inspiration out there so I have been enjoying
a bit of it. Be back soon and be blessed all!

Friday, April 9, 2010

So my days have been filled with these.

Well, ofcourse my little skittles but appointments.
I can not tell how many times this week I have
been in and out of the doctors office. The kids are
ok. The appointments were for me. Don't worry
because I am ok too it is just that time for back
to back scheduling. When I go out I am like a show
to everyone because of the way I carry. I have
mentioned this several times but I just have to
keep saying it. They can't believe that there is a
baby inside this basketball shaped womb but I
assure them that there is. It is felt everynight
when I wind down and the baby starts to party. LOL!
Why always at night?!!!

I will try to get a pic up of my 7th month belly and a
few new creations soon.
Be blessed!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Late Night Moxie

Just some late night Moxie for Tuesday Trigger.

Those eggs are GORGEOUS!!! Here is what I created!
A little something to satisfy my creative craving..........
Be back soon!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Still A Bit Yucky

I am still a bit under the weather but wanted to
make sure that I got this posted in time. These
are such lovley colors and ofcourse I had to create
with them. This card has been done for a while
now and to be honest I didn't think I would have
the patience to sew by hand right now. It actually
proved to be soothing to me! Go figure....
Check the challenge out here.

I am off now to rest a bit more and gain strength
for tomorrows ventures. Happy Easter to all and
as always be blessed!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Been Under The Weather

Be back real soon. I have some type of stomach
bug along with a healthy dose of heart burn.