Thursday, November 19, 2015

Anna Griffin Create

Hello out there in the craft world!
I don't know how updating my little corner
of the world slipped through my fingers but
it did.
Life happens, things happen, and
time passes by. It's really what happened.
I'm hoping with all my might that I will be
able to catch this place up as well as
giving it a little face lift.

In the mean time I want to start this
catching up project with a
recent event I was so honored to be a part of.
Being a member of the Anna Griffin design team is
a crafters dream. It is a dream I live and really couldn't ask
for more but it became more.
This past weekend Anna held her first ever
craft event, Create, and I have to say this, it was epic.
It was amazing!
I learned so much while assitting and
helping other fellow crafters have a
weekend of a lifetime.
Being surrounded by so many
beautiful people who share
 the same passion was almost too much
for my crafty mind to take!
I could never forget it.
It was crazy busy but I did manage to
get a snapshot or two to share.

Anna is just as sweet as I thought she would be.
I was a bit nervous speaking with her but
what you learn is that people are just that. People.
We all strive to learn from one another and inspire.
Anna went above and beyond it making this happen for
a great deal of women. Her event did that for me and
reminded me why we love what we do.

There was so much to do and see.
I wish I had the time to capture it all.
We had a chance to tour the
Anna Griffin headquarters and it was just

I will ever be so grateful for this.
It is a humbling thing.
There is always something to learn and we
are never above that fact.
Thank you so very much!

See you all soon!
Be blessed!