Thursday, September 30, 2010

Well September...

it has been a good run. Hats off to those who blog everyday!!! =)
It is definitely a full time job in itself.

HEY, tomorrow's the first of October and I have some Good Finds
just for the fall coming in. This week was CRAZY due to certain
events that left me on edge but I am still here! If I am not here I am
somewhere roaming around on facebook. LOL!

See you soon!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


4 months now!!! =)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Community Picnic Part ll

This weekend I became so caught up into just taking a breather for myself.
The weather was nice so I sat outside with Kyra and just enjoyed the warth
ot the sun. Blogging was set aside and actually did some scrapbooking to
ease my mind a bit. Sometimes you just scream inside for some time to your-
self. This weekend was one of those times. Here are a few more pics of
the picnic that was held on the 18th.

                                I am watching time just pass me by when it comes to my kids. They
                                are getting so  big so fast. Since Kyra is my last I am trying very hard
                                to take in as much baby time as possible and not take her for granted.
                                Leilani is just a little princess and knows it and Jadon is definitely one
                                of those where the wild thing are type of  boy. I am planning a small
                                birthday party for the both of them since their birthdays are in the
                                same month. This years theme to kick off the fall is Indians!!! I am
                                going to be putting together craft activities to make feather head bands,
                                arrows, and maybe paper bag vest. Will have to see.

                                Stay tuned for a late Good Finds post!!! I had a lot of them this past

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sleepy Hollow

Noel Mignon Sleepy Hollow
                    First I just wanted to say that I have not forgotten Good Finds coming up later
                    today. Second, check out the latest and greatest kit from Noel Mignon. It is
                    just full of tricks and treats! More treats than tricks I would say!!! LOL! Look
                    at all the drool worthy yummies.

                    Head on over to claim yours!!! I will be back soon!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fridays Good Find

I am back with this Fridays Good Find!
Todays find had me thinking about how not to long ago
Companies made things to really last. They were
quality products and required very little maintaining.

I bought a tripod a little while back and one of the handles
broke off due to my son knocking it down by accident.
CHEAP was my first thought.
The thought was comfirmed when I found these!

They are older versoins of tripods but boy are these things
heavy and sturdy!!! Everything just about on these bad boys
are metal. You can knock them down and they would bounce
right back up again. LOL! I consider them to be an
excellent good find!
I hear sleep calling my name. =)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So September...

I haven't been perfect but I have been pretty good.
My kids are off to school, I am working on starting
school, and baby Kyra is blossoming into such a rare
beautiful flower. There is always something to do
so I find myself keeping busy enough not to focus on
them being gone. SIGH...

In other news PRIMA has a new fan page that I know
you're going to want to check out!!!!/pages/Prima-Marketing-Flowers/149525251733751
Primas friends page was all filled up!!! I can believe that!

Over at Noel Mignon Challenge blog we were thinking that it would be such
a neat concept to focus more on our styles. Noel did a fantastic job describing
the different styles that each of us have. Head on over to see what we
have created foe this challenge!!!

Tomorrow our community will be heading over for this years
pinick. I have to make sure that both of my batteries are charged
and my camera is ready to go.
I will be back soon with Fridays Good Finds!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kyra Says Hi

In her own language that is....

Friday, September 10, 2010

Good Finds

So I know that I have missed the last two days of posting
but for good reason. Jadon and now Leilani will be away
from home now growing up. Coming into this world with
a great big hello only preparing them eventually to say
goodbye is so bittersweet. Jadon will be starting first grade
and Leilani will be starting her early learning adventure
all on Monday. Their birthdays are coming up as well. I just
can't believe that they will be 6 and 4!!! SIGH!!!

I am thinking about doing this every Friday(fingers crossed)
where I post Good Finds. By good finds I mean it right down
to the exact meaning. They will not be items bought! We are
blessed to have a donation center here and it is kind of like
going thrifting. I have gotten a great deal of FANTASTIC items
in every catorgory you can think of so I would like to share
my good finds with you!

This is the purse that I switched to yesterday. I am a HUGE
fan of belts and wish this monster of a buckle was on one!!!!!
I am by no means addicted to shoes. If I find a couple of good pairs
I wear them down to the bare bone. Seriously! These are a few
that I have come across. The middle pair I am sending to my mother.
They are 9 1/2 which are way too big for me. I thought of her when
I saw them.

This is an altered pic of a cute can that I found. LOL! I turned it
into a poster! I will post what the can really looks like a little

Like I mentioned, I am a HUGE fan of belts!!!

This is definitely something that I think that I can keep up
with. Inspired by Mondays are still in mind but baby Kyra
takes up so much time and naturally she comes first.
Hope you enjoyed this little post!
Catch you all later!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Cutting Edge

Me: Is it ok to take pictures of certain aspects of the class?

Dietician: I suppose so if you would like!

Me: I know, I'm strange...

Dietician: No, but no one has ever ask that before!

Me: Really?!

Dietician: Really!

So I am taking this 6 week class where we meet every Tuesday.
It is a privately funded program which means I don't have to
pay for it. What a blessing! I have been health conscious for a
while but fell back on a few things so this program is perfect to
get me back on track. It is also a win win situation because it
can be passed down to my kiddos. Here are just a few things that
I learned tonight.

1. Only 8% of cancers are due to genetics.
2. 4/10 Americans will have some sort of cronic illness in life.
3. It takes the brain 20 minutes to tell the body that it is full.
4. Vegetarians have an extra 10 year life span.
5. Dark soda, except for root beer, strips the body of calcium.

Yea, those are just a few fun facts if you want to call it that. Some-
thing that I have heard time after time again is that a simple
change in diet can result in the prevention/reversal of a number
of ailments.

Our assignment was to set five S.M.A.R.T. goals and to pick
one that we struggle with the most to work on.

S. Specific
M. Measurable
A. Attainable
R. Realistic
T. Timeline

Drinking enough water has always been tough for me so my
goal is right now is to start working on drinking four 8 oz. glasses
of water per day. I can do this!!! LOL!
It feels as though I have given a mini class of my own. LOL!
Anywho, must be going now. I hear sleep calling.
Be blessed and send some cheering on my way!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Circus Vargas In a Blur

I know, I have missed a couple of days but overall I think
that I am doing pretty good so far for the month. Saturday
we got a chance to go see Circus Vargas. It was pretty
cool and I can't believe that I took over 100 pics just on
one event. For the most part they all came out blurry
but I used them as an opportunity to get a little bit more
artsy. I just can't bare the thought of deleting them just
for that simple fact. Blurry can be beautiful too!

My anemia attack right now only allowed me to edit just a few but
I assure you that I will be back with more. The iron I can fell is starting
to get back into my system.
Bye bye.....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Circus and A Bad Headache

So today was pretty much spent when we got back from this.

The kids LOVED it and I could tell it right up Leilanis alley especially.
She is the little dare devil of our bunch. During and after the show
I had to keep an extra eye open because she had this certain interest
in climbing things! Can you say dangerous!!! She got over it but I know
it is in her blood. Performing arts is definitely up the road for her
career choice. I will be sharing pics a little later.
I have a HUGE headache now due to me taking a nap and now not
being able to sleep even though extremely exhausted. For anyone
who knows me naps and I don't play well.
This posting everyday thing is proving to be challenging for me but
at the same time fun. It helps me defragment my brain for the day.
LOL! I am off now to try and catch a few zzzzzzs.
Catch you all later!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Slight Upgrade

SURPRISE!!! You thought I forgot didn't you. He, he, he.
For the first time in a long time I had to be out all day running
errands and such. I had to get my cell number changed so
in order to do that I had to go in person. It was all in the
name of security, security, security. In the mist of getting
a new number Metro PCS had a fantastic little sale going on
which resulted in a new phone. As you can see it was needed.

Nothing SUPER fancy but just a little bit more. I did my first
ever internet post from this phone today which made me feel
all high-tech. LOL! I promise you though that it won't be taking
over my life any time soon.

I guess it is going to be a double post for me today since it is
officially a new day although in my world a new day is when
I see the sun coming up.

See you all soon! I'm pooped!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear September...

I am going to try special hard for you to post everyday for the whole month.
Whatever is on my mind for that day I promise to take note of it here just for
you September.


Be back soon.....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Catching Up!

I have lots of catching up to do here. We were sick over here but
nothing too severe. It was enough to keep from being here though.
Things are getting back to normal now and we are preparing for
Jadons return back to school. Leilani will be starting daycare/early
learning here on the 7th hopefully. Both are SUPER excited and
so is mommy! LOL!!! As of late here is what my son is into.

We are talking about the 1985 version old school Macross. You know
the kind of animation where their lips move the same no matter what
it is that they say old school. LOL! It is cool though because it is clean!
Some of the cartoons that they have out today I wouldn't dare let the
kids watch.

I have tons of project pics to catch up on as well. Lots of finishing up,
taking photos, editing, then posting. Here are just a few.

Noel Mignon Sweet Sue
I did a mini tutorial on how to make a 3-D banner over on the
Noel Mignon Inspiration blog. Please feel free to check it out!!!
Here are a few current pics that I managed to take. Kyra is
now 3 months as of the 28th and boy is her personality showing.
I think she is going to be the bully of the bunch. Can't you just
see it in her eyes?!

I have to sign off for now but will be back as soon as
I can. Facebooking is slowly becoming a thing with me
as well so if your on you might just catch me there too.
Until next time be blessed!!!