Friday, April 10, 2015

A Little Bit of Happy from Webster's Pages

Hello everyone,
I am back again just as I said to
share on of the newest lines from
Just when I think that I have found my
all time favorite they keep
coming back with more gorgeousness.
When I saw the vellum with the metallic gold 
design it was an instant create moment for me.
A happy, happy, happy moment indeed!

Letting nothing go to waste I
created simple random pattern of short streaks using
the little left over pieces from the middle
of the o's, d's, and other such letters.
I used the alpha sticker sheet from Happy.

Shining like the star lit
sky of fireflies....
That is how my little sparkle makes me feel.
Shine on baby girl!

Layers upon layers, flowers, and dew drops just
can't go wrong with it!
I hope that I have put a little bit of creative 
happiness in your day!
Be sure and stop by Webster's Pages to 
check all the other fresh new goodies including
the amazing planners.

Thanks so much for letting me share.
Be blessed all!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Whole Lot Of...

I have been diving into a
great deal of inspiration as of late and
The artist mind tends to
overwhelm from time to time with
an overflow of ideas.

It seems I can't keep up with my mind.
I hope to revamp my little corner soon.
It's way overdue.

In the mean while I have a craft
post coming up this week with
some gorgeous Webster's Pages.
Be back soon!!!