Thursday, March 25, 2010


Just a quick TOOT!!! My first time being featured
at Two Peas today!!! My Sunshine page using Pagemaps
recent sketch is being featured!!! Cool beans...
It is also being featured here!!!!
Craft Gossip
I recently had a chance to check this blog out and it
is packed full of crafty goodness!!!
Thanks a bunch!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Creations New Inspiration

Morning, sorry I have been a little quiet. Just baby on the
brain more and more day by day. I finally managed to pick
out a name!!! Kyria Faith Reszko. The first name means
noble woman and ofcourse Faith is pretty much straight
foward. I am really satisfied with this name and think that
it is quite lovley. Let me know what ya think!

On to some creations. I have ALWAYS been a fan of Pagemaps
and have ALWAYS wanted to be a faithful follower and
creator of projects based off the sketches. This is the recent
contest/challenge from her site!
Along with the sketch is my take on it!!!

I have such a weakness for layering and this page is no exception.
Lots of layers. The page had to include some that we appreciate
from day to day so I thought about sunshine. Being a stay-at-home
mom sometimes means that you stay indoors a little too much.
When you don't have your own house and happen to live in
and apartment it makes it that much harder because there is no
yard of any kind. There happen to be little areas around where
I can take Lani out and just sit, watch her, and enjoy a few rays
of sunshine. In those moments there is nothing like it. Thank
you Pagemaps for a little reflecting and clarity!

Here is a card that I created using CPS sketch #158. Sorry,
I forgot to add the picture of the sketch but you can check it
The sketch is from last week but there are some that I still
just can not pass up.
Now for a few things that have made me swoon over the past
week. I have been venturing out and finding new inspiration
and pretty things that I would LOVE to work into projects of
A little give-a-way Elsie had on her blog recently.
She always has the most wonderful little treasures.

Speaking of treasures, here are a few pics of vintage treasures
found at the Little Pink Studio.
There is SO much inspiration packed here!!!
Lastly her Primas product pick! How can you not
be inspired by Prima!!!
Well, I am off now to myself together outwardly.
I am still in PJ gear.
Be blessed and I hoped you enjoyed the read!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Making Up My Mind

If you see several different banners being tossed and switched around
it is me trying to make up my preggy little mind. I just had to get the
most adorable digi kit today designed by Danielle Thompson, It was on
sale for a buck here,, just for today!!!
I used it for my current banner along with some picnik alterations. Just
having a little late night fun...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Exploring and Expecting

Hey all! Hope your day is going great thus
I am having somewhat of a difficult time
carrying around the baby and now have to
wear the brace all the time. SIGH...
O well, it could be worse. Today I felt ok
enough to take my little flower outside. She
is getting more and more into taking pics
which a HUGE thing for her! I am so happy!

She was happy too until see saw this little critter. LOL!
I had to go through this whole explanation of what it was,
that it was more afraid of her, they don't hurt, etc,.
In the end she spend most of time begging me to keep
one. Yes, they are all over. I then had to tell her that
there is no way we could catch it or keep it. They are
meant to be free. She spent the remainder of our time
outside searching out and observing lizards.Oh, and
humming birds.....

Baby is on the brain for me as well so this weekend I
made these two projects!

There is some yummy American Crafts and Prima working
together. I handmade the flowers inspired again by Primas
Innoscence flowers. I also drew and hand cut the white
butterfly as well. FUN!!!

I decided to make this mini log album for my stay once
in the hospital to have the baby. Since this is my last for
sure I want to remember as much as possible about
the giving birth experience.This mini was created using
Jillibean Chicken Noodle and Jillibean Sprouts with a
little Sassafras thrown in.
That is all I have right now!
be blessed

Friday, March 12, 2010


I have really been missing taking photos and such so due to me
having to slow down day by day I thought it might be time again.
Oh and we FINALLY HAVE INK in our printer again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That motivated me a great deal as well. We had to buy all the
colors over again because we had not used it in such a long while.
They all had dryed out!

On to a few projects. I created this card based off of the recent
pagemaps challenge. I have ALWAYS LOVED her sketches but
never got around to doing one until now. This was fun!!!
Go check it out here!

Here is a quick pic of my littel butterfly! We were picking
up Jadon from school. I tryed getting a pic of Jadon but
he totally wasn't feeling it.
Lastly this is just because I want to create a page layout
and I am EXCITED to have ink again project. LOL! We
were at the pier and I was extremely surprised at some
of the rides that they were not afraid of!

Well, that all folks for now. Hope to be back real soon!!!
Be blessed!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Feelin Springy?

So it feels as though I am being pushed into spring even
I am still not feeling quite there yet. Over at Moxie Fab
though they sure can be convincing!!!

I created this page for Challenge#4 over at Crop Suey!!!
This go around is all about using some of those yummy
scraps laying around. I know you have tons of them because
every great scrapper does so head on over and enjoy!!!

That is it for the night! Stay tuned on news regarding
my son losing his first tooth and his now HUGE obsession
for brushing his teeth. LOL!
Be blessed!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Life has been feeling a lot like this lately. It always seems
like there is so much to do and it usually is not. Can you
believe that I have not even peeked at names yet for the
baby?! Oh yea, I am slacking big time!!!
I just wanted to make a quick stop by before picking Jadon
up from school.
Be blessed!!!