Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1 Month as of Yesterday!

I find it so amazing how fast they catch on to things! Kyra is
doing the little sounds to communicate and smiles quite
often. I can't get enough of her cute little face! She is gasy
though at night and I can't figure out for the life of me what
I am eating to give it to her. She swallows a bit of air before
getting milk. Maybe that is the problem. She has a check-
up on Thursday just to see how she is doing with weight
gain. It is a guessing game constantly with me when nursing.
You always wonder if the baby is getting is enough. Her
weight gain has been perfect so far.
Check this out!!!
My first project featured being a flowergirl!!! YAAAAAY!!!
I will be back soon with more randomness!
I still plan on doing Inspired By Mondays its just baby
takes up lots of time. Will start back real soon....
Be blessed and thanks so much for visiting me!!!
I do read your comments and plan to visit you all
as well!=)

Friday, June 25, 2010

So Sorry....

Busy, busy, and busy with baby n two other little ones!
That is all I can say for my MIA status and in my spare
time it's filled with doing projects to relax me.

Lani has picked up this late habit at the age of three of
putting things in her mouth. Well, 12:30Tuesday morning
she comes out of her room complaining that she
swallowed a penny!!! She would not reall sleep because
she said her belly was hurting. I was already very exhausted
but decided to call the 24 hour nurse line. Better safe
than sorry right! It is a good thing I did because after
going through the hassle of getting Vince up to take her
to the ER they said it was not moving. He was there from
about 1:00 am to about 3:00 pm. Can you say WOW!!!
They were trying to wait to see whether or not it would
move but it would not budge. Finally little Lani walked
back through the door with a penny in a biohazard bag,
lovely pictures to go with the penny, and her same old
spunky personality back. Relief!

NOW we have a bad leak in the restroom!!! That story
coming soon...

Here are a few completed projects featuring Noel Mignon
Sun-Kissed Kit and Momenta!

This page is for a White Space Challenge that is going on
over at Noel Mignon. This used to be a HUGE problem
for me to leave space empty but I have grown to LOVE

This page features Momenta Endless Summer line
along with some other Momenta goodies!!! I am SO
in love with their stickers!!!

Well my time has come to end right now. I have to
go and tell the office about this leak. They came and
checked it out yesterday which made it a whole lot
worse than what it was. It's always something going
See ya soon!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Past Two Weeks...

Hi there gang! It has been almost three weeks and
for the most part my days and nights have been
taken up by this little one. This is expected ofcourse.

In other SUPER EXCITING news I am now a


Let me just say this is such a dream come true for
me!!! I have adored Prima forever scrapbooking so
to be apart of the team leaves me practically speechless!
So thrilled I am!!!

Thanks for letting me share! There are projects coming
up soon as well so stay tuned. Sorry to make this post
short and sweet. I am getting back to normal slowly
but surely so bare with me.
Be blessed all!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Over A Week

It has been a little over a week now and boy am I exhausted.
Trying to heal from the c-section, taking care of Kyra, taking
care Lani while taking care of Kyra, and did I mention trying
to heal. LOL! That is a constant stress for me right now. I try
to walk as much as possible when my feet don't look like two
balloons! Anyhow I have some goodies to cheer me up while
having to stay still most of the time.

Noel Mignon Sun-Kissed July Kit
Let me tell you that this kit is packed full of summer
goodness!!!!! If want to check out what being created
with this AMAZING kit come check us out on our MB!!!
We also have a challenge going on called Double Trouble.
Here is a sneak peak at my page using Momenta Family
Matters. We were only allowed to use one sheet of
double sided paper along with embellies and such.
We could also use cardstock. It was definitely a challenge.
So what are you waiting for?
Come join us for some kit loving, challenge taking,
message board chatting fun!!!

In other fun news the current Crop Suey challenge
is going on now! We had to use our own handwriting
on our pages. This is another TOUGH thing for me
to do!!! I do love a good challenge though. Be sure
to get your pages in for a chance at being selected
for this months sponsor RAK!!!!
Due to baby Kyra coming into the world I had to
push Inspired Monday to next Monday. I am so
sleepy most times I can barely think. It is coming
though so don't worry.
I am off now to try and take a quick shower and
maybe make sense of my hair in which 3 year old
Lani said was a wreck!!! I just giggled and told her
I know.
Boy oh boy, the things children pick up.
See ya soon and be blessed!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meet Kyra Faith Reszko

Kyra Fatih Reszko

Isn't she lovely?!!!
Isn't she wonderful?!!!
Full story coming soon...