Saturday, October 22, 2011

Winds of Change

                         I just took a deep exhale. It is quite difficult to remember where I left off.
                         The best way to go about this is just to take it slow.

                         For the few of those who have kept up with my blog I had severe problems
                         in home life. I had come out to California for a clean start hoping that these
                         problems might present solutions. I only found myself back around again in what
                         had always been. Circles. My heart was already hanging on by a thread which
                         did break. Whether I failed me, the marriage I was in, God, and the list could go
                         on I opted for a divorce. So much pain and guilt came flooding in do to this
                         one thing but it was critical for my sanity. The reasons and difficulties from the
                        other half I could go on and on about. What good would that do? It is done. I
                        am here now. Each day after has been a rediscovering of myself in which was
                         lost. A little bit more happiness is found in the things I had become blinded to.
                        I am no longer a prisoner of misery. The most important of all is that I still have
                        my heavenly Father God and his everlasting love to see me through.       

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello, I've Got Internet

That's right! Be seeing more of everyone real soon.......;)