Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All Kinds of Wonderful

I don't know about you but it is always a little difficult to get
out of the groove of the holidays. The toys are still half opened,
the kids are still singing, and there tends to be a lack of
motivation to put away decor. To help me say goodbye I
figured why not do a last post of some wonderful things at the
turn of a new year so here we go.
Here is my take on my fave sketch from CPS #147.

Just a late card I did using a Moxie Fab challenge.

Here is a noel banner that I made which was such a delight
to make. I am hooked on making these lovely handmade
roses. The tutorial can be found on Tim Holtz blog during
his 12 days of Christmas tags. What an inspiration he is!

At the mall they had this really neat light show and this
huge tree.

I saved the best for last ofcourse! Here my little jewels.
They really were not in the mood for a photo shoot but
I managed to get a few shots that I was satisfied with.

Such little cuties they are. They were a hit and were
very blessed. I think that I am just about ready now
to move on and start anew this year. I really haven't
made a resolutions list but one thing that I do want
to do is blog more. It is not a huge thing but it is something
important to me. Maybe I will make this year an
adventure year and make an adventure book like on
the movie Up. That was cute! Any how that is it for!
Coming up soon is an acutul page that I did. It has been
a long time coming.
Be blessed and Happy Sabbath

Monday, December 28, 2009

It Never Fails

Hi there all!!! I pray that your holiday season was safe and is
still going on strong. We had tons of good times and cheer but
like always I got sick with a cold on my birhtday. Yes, I am
now 31! My body is still fighting off this thing so I will try to
be back with more pics and details of all that went on. Don't
have too much fun without me!!!
Be blessed!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Sooooooooooooo, our weekends have been pretty full and full
of blessings if I might add. Here at Westwood all of the children
are assigned to adoptive parents and we were blessed to get a
picture with this lovely family who adopted our little ones!
We didn't get a chance to get a
pic with all of them. The place was packed and it was very hard
to gather everyone together. Thank you so much Goldsteins!!!
I hope I spelled that right!!! LOL!

Here are a few more pics of the festivities. You will never
guess who was there and I had the chance to talk to.
Harrison Ford!!!!!!! Is not that the coolest! I grew up
watching all of his movies including my faves Indiana Jones.
He was there along with Calista who is right there all the
way to the right. Hubby didn't know that he caught a
glimpse of her. They were there as adoptive parents to
one of the families so I thought it rude to ask for a pic.
Maybe next time.......

This is a peek of a noel banner that I am working on. There
are these GORGEOUS flowers that I learned to make on
Tim Holtz blog so you have to go check that out. I didn't
think that I could actually pull it off but I did!!!

I saved the best for last. My little guy is SO cute in his
first ever program. It is so not the best of videos but I
am sure glad that I got something. Check it out and
Be blessed!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Something to Ponder

Yet again it is Friday and our days have been full as usual. I am
still in a little bit of shock with it just being me and my baby
girl here during the day. We had a program to go to at church
this week and she let me capture this shot. It is not the clearest
of photos but I have to take it where I can get. She is still just
the cutest in this photo!
Here, http://www.adventconspiracy.org/, is something else that we have been
watching at church. It really has some basic yet powerful points in
which to search your heart about. I am included ofcourse. In the
hustle and bustle of things we have drifted away and lost sight of
what this time of year is all about. This quite often leaves of feeling
empty and not really satisfied. I know that I have gone that whirlwind.
The presentation really helps in refocusing the heart and I would
strongly suggest that everyone check it out.
Well, these are my ponderings for the morning anyways. LOL!!!
I will be back soon to share a few more thing I have been creating.
Have a blessed weekend all!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Day, Something New

Well it's off and running another week that is and guess who is
My little man Jadon! He started school last Thursday and LOVES
it. I was teaching him before I became pregnant. I then realized
that it wasn't going to happen with me and the sickness and such.
It was hard watching walk out the door with Daddy on his
first day but afterwards I realized the break in which I have not
allowed myself to have. It is now just me and little Lani hangin
together which is quite pleasant because she gets girl time with
mommy. What a little lovely she is. Now for Moxie Fabs
Tuesday Trigger inspiration!

This is what I was inspired to create for this challenge. It is a
simple fold up mini album which is going to packed with this
months fun. We are pretty much booked for the rest of the
weekends leading up to Christmas. This weekend was not
exception. We were all totally wore out. Guess where I am
going to log the fun?! That's right! I am going to log it right
here in my little album.

Thanks Moxie Fab and to the rest of you be blessed!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December 1st

Happy first of December everyone!!! Can you believe another
year is winding down! I thought it was time for a new banner
and profile pic. Hope you like them both. I also started creating
again and cards seem like the perfect balance for me right now.
Above is this weeks CPS Sketch #144. It is great way for me
transition back into the swing of things not to mention that it
it is a pretty neat sketch. You will also find two more creation
down below based on the CPS sketches.
So now as we say so long to fall it was a time to be grateful for
the many blessings in our lives. I know most can't wait to step
into those winter boots even though here in Los Angeles it is very
hard to get that winter chill right now. It is still pretty nice here.
Well, that it pretty much all I have for now. I was in the middle
of filling out paper work for my son to start school. That is a
whole other story.
Until next time be blessed!

CPS Sketch #143
CPS Sketch #91