Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Snip

Here is a little snip of a very mini album that I am creating. Prima gave me the push
to get this started and it is all made out of my scraps stash. There was no cutting into
fresh paper involved. Soon this mini creation will be finished so I can show it in completion.
Catch you all later!

Monday, February 27, 2012

I Made The Cut!

Hi there all! You can now find me here at Hydrangea Hippo as an official
designer! A HUGE congrats to the ladies that I will be designing with. Stay

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Us Girls....

Me and my little princesses......


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Page Maps

Good morning all, I am bit tired today
so I wanted to make sure that I this was
posted. Page Map for this months challenge
is seen here below. I have not created
any projects for a while using these 
sketches so it was perfect timing when I
saw this one. ALL the sketches are fantastic.
I knew I had to do this one though.

                                        Here is my little noodle Kyra when she was about 4 months.
                                        It is amazing how they develop their own little personalities
                                         so quickly. This craft always reminds me this is why we do
                                         what we do. We can always go back and remember.

                                        BIG hugs!

Monday, February 20, 2012

For the Past Two Hours....

I have spent working on a new banner without having Photoshop and editing a picture
for my profile. I am done for now......

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Berry71bleu February Challenge

Hey there creative world! Today I am sharing
with you a project that I created for
Berry71bleu February Challenge.

                                                 This project is an accordion like album to place
                                                 special love stories, notes, or moments in my life.
                                                 The challenge was incorporate bling, lace, pink,
                                                 and/or other selected elements to the project. I
                                                 plan on stuffing every little corner with lots of love!

                                                 Stop by Berry71bleu to join in on the love.
                                                 Until next time....=)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

CPS Anniversary

CPS #220

                                       CPS has been celebrating and I wanted to get in at least one
                                       card to say congrats! Even though I have not participated in
                                       the making of cards I love the sketches and have been following
                                       them for quite some time now. Just wanted to let you girls know
                                       how wonderful you are and that you are a huge inspiration!

The Late # 20 Holiday Project

Ok, here I am again with a fairly better
computer now which is a major relief.
The computers we had been getting were
in serious need of some help or just
plain old. The one we managed to get now
is not the latest and greatest by all means
but it does get the job finally done
for me.

I never got around to getting 25 projects
done for Christmas, but I did manage 20
which I was pretty satisfied with. Here is
that project. A winter wonderland door

                                        Layering is still one of my all time favorite things to do
                                        with all the little bits and pieces. It is a perfect way to
                                        up the odds and ends leftovers. Fun as always!

                                        On other news my favorite picture editing site will be
                                        closing its internet doors in April so very heartbroken
                                        over that. With all those out there who just can't afford
                                        Adobe Photoshop it was really nice to have something
                                         like that. Picnik, I will miss you greatly when you're
                                        gone. If anyone else knows of anything else like this
                                         over the web please let me know.

                                         Be blessed

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Computer Tower

Yep, we have gotten yet another computer tower which is far better than the other two we
have had. I am FINALLY able to watch my home videos and download correctly. Those
two things were driving me up the wall.
Talk to you soon...