Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Testing the Waters

This year I vowed to myself that
I would attempt more mixed media and
to my surprise I am actually keeping it.
There has been such a
strong pull to get back to my first love in art.
My comfort zone for sure is black and white
pencil. I can work that fairly well but
when it comes to paint/color it
is way on the other spectrum of my skill.
I want to change that.
These couple of paintingsa are 
apart of my journey getting there.

I knew that I wanted to start off with the eye.
Crazy right?!
One of the most complex features but
I just couldn't help it. 
The eyes are my favorite.
This is a mix of watercolor, pen, and
color pencil.

Yesterday, someone
posted this poster on Facebook and
I knew instantly that it would be my second attempt.
Not perfect but I am satisfied for now with it.

There is such joy in drawing again and
stepping a bit out of my comfort zone.
Watercolor is gorgeous and
I plan to make it proud.

That's all for now!
Be Blessed!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Always Room for Love!

I am back again everyone!
Today I am still spreading love all
around with two delightful pages using

Everyday is a day to celebrate how
dear our loved ones are to us.
My little ones and hubby really
are the heart of my life.

and he is my crush everyday all day!
Don't let that grumpy face fool you!
He is such a gentle soul.

I posted a tutorial in an
ealier post on how to create the paper
lace that is featured on this page.
I only used three basic shapes to create it.
What a blast that was!

Please do not hesitate to stop
by the Webster's Pages blog for more
inspiration from the fantastic team.

Catch you all later and
be blessed!