Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wonderful Things Happening!!!

Good Saturday Morning or
should I say Happy Sabbath!
Can you believe that fall is already upon us?!
The holidays are already here!
Where in the world does time go.
Jadon and Leilani will be tuning
8 and 6 next month!!!
My babies are growing up and have
such a mind of their own.

Any how I wanted to share a few exciting
things going on at Sarah Hurley Designs!
We have two new permanent design team
members. Welcome ladies!!!
Also there has been lots of  buzz about
our second look book. 
If you missed out on seeing it no
worries. You can view it here!

If you want more submission information
for the next one coming up please
visit Sarah Hurley Designs blog.

You will also want to stop the
etsy shop for a full reveal of
fantastic new product being added.
Here are some of my favorites!!!
I can not wait to create with
some of these!

                                                        Stay tuned also for our next challenge
                                                        coming to you real soon!!!
                                                        Be blessed!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Mornings Discovery

Good Early Morning.
I have been in brainstorm mode
lately again.
The children and I didn't have school
yesterday so took a break
from creative thinking to just
simply hang out.
Now we are back to it again.
Jadon this morning stumble upon
this beauty hanging outside
the craft room window screen.
Mantis happen to be my favorite
insect if you can fathom having a
favorite. They are so
remarkable to me and very
fascinating to look at.
Everyone took the time out just
to observe and after a few minutes
I guess it decided the show was
over and crawled off.
It is funny how the simple things
in life can bring us all together.

                                         Have a few things in the works so don't be a stranger.
                                         Be blessed!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Than Making Do

Just recently I heard about a program called
Craftartist from Sarah Hurley. She informed
that they had a free download for basic
digi scrapping/photo editing.
Well curious little me went and downloaded the software
which was great but I still craved for something more.
A few weeks passed when I received an
email that Craftartist had a version two out
with all types of neat things and that it
was 40% off for limited time. I HAD to have it
even if it wasn't Photoshop but I needed something.
I just purchased it yesterday and let me
tell you that it is more than what I expected!
I could go on and on but to make this as
brief as possible I have been looking at
tutorials and trying things out with it.
Ofcourse I had to try some layering and
brushes. Very basic to start off with but
loving the results.
Here I used Echo Park Digi Kit Homemade
and did some layering and blend modes.
Neat!!!! My goal is to master this program.
It will definitely be keeping my
mind off of not being able to purchase
Photoshop for a while. This is a great program.

                                If you want to know about this program visit HERE.
                                Please do not try copy or use these in any way. They are for
                                personal use only and I really just wanted to share my excitement.
                                Thanks and be blessed!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Gone All Digi with Sarah Hurley Designs

Hello once again!!!
That is right!
I have gone all digi on this layout
It has been quite some time and I quite
enjoyed the process.

This page features Leilani when
she graduated from pre-school.
She was such a doll in the program
and I adore the look on her face in
this picture.
                                           You will want to stop by the shop to check out some
                                           super yummy goodies being added in which I can't
                                           wait to create with! I will be doing a product pic
                                           soon of all my favorites.
                                           Be blessed all!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Not Alone

Big Picture Big Ideas has been a true
inspiration even if I did not get a chance to
create for all challenges. One thing that I
have relearned as a whole is that I am
not alone.
In day to day life we can get into an
isolation type of thinking which leads us
to think we are all alone in the things
that we go through. I found myself in
this festival going Oh, I know exactly what you
mean or I was just thinking about this.
I wanted to be sure that I at least 
created something for this challenge
which was to share something that we have
We are not alone and we do
have a friend out there.

                                            Let's keep encouraging one another through this great
                                            gift of craft that we have been given.
                                            Be blessed!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Challenge 2 and 3

Good Morning on
the remembrance of 9/11.
Americas thoughts and prayers
I am sure are going out to all
who have lost.

I wanted to stop in
and share pics of challenge 2 and 3
in the Big Picture Big Idea Festival.
Let me tell you that the BIG ideas being
shared are things that have been on
my heart for a while. I would love
to do project for everyday of
this festival. 
Let's see how it goes. 

                                If you have not already join in! You really will be touched and gain
                                a deeper understanding of why we truly do what we do.
                                Be blessed all!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big Idea Festival

Greetings to all on this already
Thursday morning!
Today I want to share this awesome
FREE festival going on over at
Big Pictures.
I really wanted to participate in this
and am going to try really hard
to complete every Big Idea.
I have been looking to dig 
a little bit deeper into
why we do what we do
when it comes to crafts.
My personal reasons are many
but I want it to life inspiring and
life changing more than
anything else. So I must dig deeper.
To me this is what this festival 
is about.

Day 1 Project
A Card to Mother

                                           Here is my first project for the festival. This
                                           is going to be sent out to my mother just because.
                                           Just because I love her and think she is the
                                           sweetest kindest person I know.
                                           Love you mom!!!

                                           It is not too late to join in on the Big Idea
                                           movement!!! Go sign up now!

                                           Card created with Hydrangea Hippo Sew Sweet Kit
                                           and gorgeous Wide Sunny Yellow Crochet Trim!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Late Night with Page Maps

Just popping in tonight to share
a very last minute Page Maps


Something Magical Challenge

Hey there gang!!!
Are we enjoying our weekend so far?
Hubby took me out to the beach yesterday.
I had been wanting to go down for the last
couple of weekends and so
he finally caved in. 
Today was church and back home.
Tomorrow I am going to try and
convince him grill if not terribly hot.

We are having a wonderful challenge
Would love for you all to come and take a 
look at all the details.
See you there!!!