Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Tonight I fill my thoughts with silent prayers and
pretty little things that inspire me.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Love and Happiness Ruby Rock-It Style

it has been a while all but for good cause.
Actually my computer is old so have been trying to 
work from hubby's. It doesn't
always do the trick because all of my project files are
on my computer.
My keyboard then went completely out on me but
I do have a new one now.
I am working on managing my time better especially having
to juggle family, home, church, and craft life.
Things tend to cross and clash but with a little
bit of work I am sure it will balance out.

Today I am sharing my very first Ruby Rock-It project!
I created a set of cards featuring Year In Review range!
For more details come and visit us here on the blog.
There is so much creativity going on right now.
Don't miss out!

I will be popping in more often so stay tuned for more life,
craft, and love from my little corner of the world!
Be blessed!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Choose Happy Mini Album

Hiya there all!
I have been down with a sinus infection for a few but
wanted to post this recent album I created.
After about two hours in the ER I
walked out with four prescriptions.
I a tad bit drowsy after taking one of them which
I really don't like but it helps with pain.
I opted for a muscle relaxer instead of
the other types of pain meds they have out there.
I just can't stand the way they make me feel.
Anywho, I am also taking an antibiotic for
the infection. That's a must!
I will be down for a few days so had to get this one in now.

This is my take on Because I'm Happy but instead
it's Choose Happy.
It is not always the easiest thing to do but
I am working on it day by day.
There is so much to be happy for really!
Just grateful!
I hope you enjoy!

As you may know I just
recently starting playing with watercolor.
I LOVE learning how to work with it.
This time around I just used a spatter technique thoughout
the album. It was so much fun.
I just wanted that carefree yaaaaay feel to it.
I also used the watercolor for all
the Heidi Swapp color magic resist elements!

I know you may be wondering isn't
this particular Heidi Swapp album bigger than this?!
Why yes it is but I took it all apart,
cut it in half,
and then put it back together again.
Now I have an extra mini album to create with later! :)

I waste nothing!
The butterfly on this page is actually the backing off
one of the sticker butterflies.

Well, again I do hope you enjoyed!
Now it's time for me to go lay it down.
Be blessed everyone!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ruby-Rock-It Read All About It!!!

Happy 1st of April everyone!
I am so thrilled to be sharing this news for the morning!
I am now apart of the Ruby-Rock-It Design Team!
Please stop by the blog to welcome the rest of
these amazing ladies I will be creating with.
Can't wait to get started!

Be blessed!!!