Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Little Somethin Funny

LOL!!! A few Sundays ago I brought my camera to church
and my sis decided she wanted to do a random photo shoot.
She went around taking pics of the oddest things and her
ipod happen to be one of them. The first pic she took of it
reminded me of that Geico commercial with the bunch of
money. So I told her and she laughed because she saw it
too!!! She set it up again to look almost exactly like it. With
a little bit of editing on my part this is the end result. We
make a great team hugh! LOL!!! I think that I just might
print this and hang it as a mini poster!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Inspired By.....

Long time no post hugh! LOL! I have been swamped with
baby Kyra still among other things in life. I am still here

I have been wanting to share a few things that have been
inspiring me as of late and would like to start off here.
OMGoodness, talk about everything and all things gorgeous!
You will want to check out Primas new releases coming
up at CHA!! It will not be a waste of your time.

This amazing kit is now up for the grabbing over at Noel
Mignon!!! I just can't believe how amazing these kits are!
If you want to see what our DT has done head on over
to the blog,,
where you can see some wonderful pages using the kit.

Noel Mignon August Kit
Office Party


Here is some lovely inspiration from Better Homes and
Gardens. I have been a fan of theirs for quite some time
and everytime I have moved I brought them with me!
They have these AWESOME newsletters packed with
ideas for everything home! I LOVE their photos!!!

If you want to be inspired entertainment wise these are
the movies you will definitely want to see over and over
again like me. I am in love with all the colors, designs,
great story lines, and wonderful actors!!! It all comes

Here is another challenge for you!!! Try not using ANY PP!
You can use anything else but leave the patterned paper
be. That is what we did over at the Noel Mignon Challenge
blog. I did a poolside page fearturing Lani when she was
about 2 years old. It is so neat to be able to look back at pics
and see how much your children have grown. Look how tiny
she was!!!

Lastly I leave with a HUGE Momenta thank you for dropping
by my little corner of the world. I really do appreciate it. Please
continue to bare with me as I catch up on rest. I should be back
to normal posting soon...

See you all soon!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Take A Sneak!!!

Noel Mignon August Kit
Office Party
Hi there everyone! I hope that you had a great week-
end. With it being Monday all over again and the start
of a new work week it's never a bad thing to have an
office party!!!!

Let me tell you that Noel Mignon Kits are PACKED
FULL of creative goodness so you don't want to miss
out. The kits go amazingly fast!

So I have finally stop counting the weeks. LOL!!!
I think it was a phase to help get me through the
six week recovery process. I drove again on Friday
and it felt a little weird. I guess it goes back to the
once you learn how to ride a bike thing. The same
goes for driving.
Thanks for all your get well wishes. It really helped!

I am off now to take care of the little ones. Be back
soon with a few new projects and other randomness.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When Will She Stop Counting?!

So we are a little over 5 weeks now and I have my six
week appt. tomorrow. Hopefully they tell me that I can
drive again. Getting out and about again is on the brain!
Little Kyra is coming along GREAT and is playing a
little bit more everyday. It tickles me so to watch her.
We started tummy time with her in which she doesn't
care for that much and starts to cry almost as soon
as she's put on her stomach. Here she is!

Here is my complete crew!!! They have been in the sun a LOT
and have this beautiful tan to their skin. LOVE this complexion!
Kyra has some catching up to do as she grows. LOL!

We have an Independence Challenge going on over at
I went all stripes and stars on this one. LOL! Seriously,
we tend not to think about how blessed we are with
the many freedoms that we have. I tend to ponder a
a lot and think about such heartache that is going on
around the world. I wonder why I was born in the USA
and not in a third world country where they live in
fear and poverty. When I get in a mode of complaining
these are a few of the thoughts that brings everything
into perspective for me again. I am truely grateful to
be free and that is something worth celebrating everyday!

Little Kyra is calling so until next time be blessed!!!