Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Late # 20 Holiday Project

Ok, here I am again with a fairly better
computer now which is a major relief.
The computers we had been getting were
in serious need of some help or just
plain old. The one we managed to get now
is not the latest and greatest by all means
but it does get the job finally done
for me.

I never got around to getting 25 projects
done for Christmas, but I did manage 20
which I was pretty satisfied with. Here is
that project. A winter wonderland door

                                        Layering is still one of my all time favorite things to do
                                        with all the little bits and pieces. It is a perfect way to
                                        up the odds and ends leftovers. Fun as always!

                                        On other news my favorite picture editing site will be
                                        closing its internet doors in April so very heartbroken
                                        over that. With all those out there who just can't afford
                                        Adobe Photoshop it was really nice to have something
                                         like that. Picnik, I will miss you greatly when you're
                                        gone. If anyone else knows of anything else like this
                                         over the web please let me know.

                                         Be blessed

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