Sunday, September 16, 2012

Not Alone

Big Picture Big Ideas has been a true
inspiration even if I did not get a chance to
create for all challenges. One thing that I
have relearned as a whole is that I am
not alone.
In day to day life we can get into an
isolation type of thinking which leads us
to think we are all alone in the things
that we go through. I found myself in
this festival going Oh, I know exactly what you
mean or I was just thinking about this.
I wanted to be sure that I at least 
created something for this challenge
which was to share something that we have
We are not alone and we do
have a friend out there.

                                            Let's keep encouraging one another through this great
                                            gift of craft that we have been given.
                                            Be blessed!


  1. I love your message here. We absolutely should be encouraging one another instead of tearing each other apart.

    Fabulous color and element layering! I am really diggin' your style!