Tuesday, March 5, 2013

House Full

Good morning lovlies.
I pray that your days have been filled with
the hope and love of Jesus Christ our Lord.
Praise be to God first and foremost.

This mom has been so busy taking care of my
little three chicks.
It seems to be a nasty stomach bug this
time around along with my hubby's
mother in the hospital.
Please do pray for her.

Today I am sharing a personal project again.
I HAVE to squeeze one in every now and again and
this frame had been pleading for some attention.
I kept it very clean and simple just
so the photos to remain the main focus.
We for sure in our little corner have
a house full but what is it full of?
Sometimes it is really good and
sometimes it is really bad but
we try to always keep it within the
boarders of love.
I probably don't have to tell you that
it takes a lot of work. :)

I drew out the letters/font and then cut it 
out very carefully with a swivel knife.
I REALLY would LOVE a cutting system.
Don't get me wrong,
drawing is my first love in art but
there is so much more that
I could create with a cutting machine in
much less time.
Thank God for hands though!!!

                               This is our family. We know it and we cherish it!
                               We keep it as real as possible and try our best not to
                               compare it.

                               Thanks so much for stopping in and as always
                               be blessed!

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