Thursday, May 23, 2013

WOW I Know!!!!

Yep, I am still alive and well in 
spite of the events that have gone on in this month thus far.
Hubby and I were able to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary in Long Beach.
I had been wanting to go down to that area for quite
some time and it turned out not to be as far as we thought it was.
We ended up purchasing a year round pass to the
Aquarium of the Pacific so that we could bring the little
ones back and our family when they visit.
After that weekend, which was wonderful, we had
a week last week like you wouldn't believe.
It left us stranded in Vegas giving us the ultimate blues but
God is good and we made it back.
I have TONS of pics to share including


                                 This month has been a major faith challenger for sure.
                                 We know that it is only for the work of our good through
                                 Jesus Christ our Lord.
                                 Be blessed and I will be back real soon.

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